HOW TO dress for transition weather

Fall and spring are always the most challenging seasons to dress for. Typically fall doesn’t start for me until late September or early October, but NorthEast Ohio had other ideas. It’s the beginning of September, and every day is already in the 70s. I knew winter would be brutal, but fall looks like it’ll be a sneak peak of the coming winter. With 8ams nearly every morning, I find that leaving my dorm is incredibly cold in the morning, but by the time I’m walking home around 1, it’s rather warm. You may not have fall where you live until the later months, but this post will be here for quick reference, or OOTD inspiration when your fall comes about.

Here are my top must-haves for dressing for the trickiest seasons.

Cardigans are your best friend. I wear a cardigan almost every day. They go with just about everything and can easily and quickly be shed when you walk out of a chilly building into the summer reminiscent air. My favorite is a white cardigan with black speckles throughout, it has a shawl front and the back comes down to about halfway down my thigh. I can wear it with just about anything in my closet, it’s a staple for transition weather.

Leggings are your other best friend.  Leggings are another staple. I wear them almost everyday. They can be paired with just about anything. As it starts to cool down, I pair my leggings with short and long sleeve t-shirts. Light sweaters are also a popular option for the fall months. My favorite look for leggings is a t-shirt, cardigan, leggings, fun crew socks, and combat boots.

Tights vs knee/thigh highs. When the first brisk winds hit, I immediately grab some knee or thigh highs. As it gets a little colder, I’ll swap them out for a pair of tights to provide more leg protection. I love knee highs when the weather first starts to get chilly, because as it gets warmer and later in the day, you can fold them over so they look like crew socks (if they are traditional knee highs) or traditional knee highs if they come up above the knee. Why give up cute summer styles like dresses and skirts when it gets chilly, when you can simply modify your outfit a bit with tights or knee highs.

Combat boots. I wore my last pair of combat boots until they were literally falling apart. They can be paired with dresses or pants, and a perfectly versatile for the chillier months. I typically pair them with knee highs/tights if I wear them with a dress or skirt. I’ll always opt for crew socks when I pair my combat boots with leggings or jeans. If it’s extra chilly, or I know its going to be a hard day and I want to be extra comfortable, I’ll swap my traditional crew socks for fuzzy ones. They are sure to make my day a bit brighter.

Long sleeve dresses. I only have one of these, but I love to wear it. It pairs very well with tights and vests. After it starts to get chilly, everyone (including myself) covers up. There come those days that you want to be flirty in what you wear, but also don’t want to lose your arms to frostbite. An alternative, if  you are tall and have long arms like I do, is a long sleeve shirt/light sweater and a flirty skirt.

Converse. I own a pair of white converse, and I wear them all the time, even after labor day. Before it cools down too much, I’ll pair them with a dress because they’re warmer than sandals and much more comfortable to walk to classes in.  As it gets colder, I’ll pair them with crew socks and tuck them under jeans or leggings so my ankles aren’t exposed to the harsh wind.

XOXO, Madi

transition weather.jpg


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