Top Ten Fall Nail Polish Colors

Today truly feels like fall here in Ohio, and I’m loving every minute of it. New season means new nail polish though, and fall can sometimes be a tricky time to pick colors-making sure they aren’t too dark and winter-y (such as Licorice by Essie-a personal winter favorite) and making sure they are also not too light (such as Muchi-Muchi by Essie-a personal spring/summer favorite). All of the following colors are Essie because that is my brand preference, but most colors can be found in a similar shade made by your favorite.

1. Pool Side Service


I have the hardest time staying away from blue tones in the fall because In the Cab-ana by Essie is my go-to toe color in the summer and the blue is so relaxing, Pool Side Service is my choice for a blue shade this fall.

2. Maki Me Happy


This beautiful red berry color is part of Essie’s new fall Japanese-inspired line. It’s at the top of my wishlist for shades I will be buying this fall. Its a perfect toe color for the warmer days when you are still able to wear sandals, and is also great for a girls night out.

3. Playing Koi


Orange is a great color this season. It especially will go well with browns and lovely blue-green shades. It’s also part of Essie’s fall Japanese line and I’m ecstatic to try this shade.

4. Bordeaux


This shade is an absolute go-to. My fall wardrobe consists primarily of burgundy shades so this matches perfectly with just about anything I decide to wear. More weeks than not, you can see me wearing burgundy on my nails. Its a great shade for fall, especially late fall, with darker burgundy shades.

5. Berry Naughty


This beautiful berry shade is perfect for a date night. The color exudes confidence and reminds you that you can do anything. This deep berry red color is perfect for transitioning from a day at work to a night out.

6. Velvet Voyeur


I love this chocolate-y purple shade. It pairs wonderfully with lighter colors and is a great transition shade. This shade is a perfect mix of dark and color.

7. Kimono-over


Is it obvious that I love Essie’s new Japanese fall line? This shade is a great pop of bright color for the coming darker months of fall. It’s not too dark, but it also won’t be jumping off your nails when the sun hits it.

8. Stylenomics


This forest green is a must! It mirrors the trees of summer but isn’t too bright for the cooler months. It’s also great to have a reminder that Christmas is on it’s way every time you looks down at your nails.

9. Petal Pushers


This is my current shade for the first week that it truly feels like fall. I have plans to wear a lovely dusty pink dress this week so I wanted to make sure my nails didn’t clash. This shade is great and it’s a go-to because it goes with everything!

10. Eternal Optimist


I saved the best for last. This is my all time favorite nail polish and was on my nails just about every week this summer. It’s going to be hard to give it up during the winter months, but dusty rose is a great color for this fall season. I highly recommend this shade.

xoxo, Madi


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