What to do on a snowy day in

It’s crazy to think that the first snowfall is already here. It started yesterday morning and I woke this morning to a blanket of snow across campus. Snow is beautiful to watch, dangerous to transport yourself in, and becomes dirty after just a couple hours. When it’s bitter cold outside, like it is here in Ohio (feels like 21* brr!!). These are some of my favorite things to do when the weather is particularly nasty!

Have an indoor photoshoot! Use the diluted natural light to your advantage and have a photoshoot in your room! I did this one today, and my roommate played along and took some pictures for me (Thanks Shannon!)


Bundle up and have an outdoor photoshoot! Last year we got a crazy snow storm so my sister and I took some fun snow pictures~Enjoy feeling like the snow princess you are!


Blog! Get yourself up to date on social media and prep your next upcoming posts! Today I took advantage of the wonderful natural lighting and made a flat lay of my outfit for class tomorrow.


Listen to a soothing playlist and just watch the snow fall. I’ve been updating my favorite playlist quite a bit recently, and it’s been perfect for watching the snow fall the past few days. You can find it on spotify here.

Study. With a break right around the corner and finals shortly after that, my main focus over the snowy days has been studying and prepping for my design final. Make sure to have some cocoa and don’t forget to add copious amount of marshmallows!img_1858

Then, there’s always the classic-

Curl up with good movie or a great book. Pretty self explanatory, give yourself a little break and just enjoy your day! You deserve a rest!



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