My “Me-Night” Routine

Another one of my New Year’s resolutions or goals was to do one “me-night” per week. Although I haven’t been very good at sticking by this, the nights I have be able to put aside my work and take some time for myself have be lovely. For me, a “me-night” is defined by not doing any work, and trying to relieve my stress from the week. I was originally planning on doing them Tuesday evenings after my classes finish because it’s my busiest day, but I go to the gym that evening. So now it’s a floating night that occurs whenever I truly need it, or whenever I can fit it in.

Taking time to relax is so important to mental health. I find that it’s so beneficial to my mood and my stress levels if I take some time for myself. So I’ll be sharing my “me-night” activities.


I love love love face masks. Using them makes me feel like I have my life together, and even if I don’t have my life together, at least my face is rejuvenated. I especially like the little face mask packages from Target because they are very inexpensive and are the perfect allotment for one time use. My personal preference leans toward the cream ones, but the sheet masks are so much tidier and a lot less work. (You can find the Target masks here, or they’re in the beauty section.)


A Warm Drink

I love hot chocolate. Ever since I stopped drinking coffee in August, hot cocoa has been my go-to drink. I use the Swiss Miss packets because I can buy them with my meal plan, but when I’m home, I absolutely prefer fresh made cocoa. Any sort of warm drink will help to relieve the tension in your body, and for me, it helps to relieve my mental stress. Who doesn’t love a warm drink?


A Movie

I am probably one of the biggest fans of binge watch TV shows on Netflix, but there’s something so calming about popping in a movie (or pulling one up on Netflix) and just letting it roll. I’m a massive fan of romantic-comedies, but I will watch just about any movie that has at least a touch of romance. (I’ll be making a movie round-up post sometime soon) (No I’m not embarrassed my Twilight being in my movie collection (I have the entire series with me at school))


Something Artistic

This one is super variable depending on the type of person you are. I love to paint and color, so on a typical “me night”, that’s what you’ll find me doing. I’ve really taken to watercolors lately, and on my most recent “me night” I painted for about four hours, and it was so relaxing to see the paint mix with the water and glide onto the page. Adult coloring books are also excellent for this! Coloring in those minute details in a bird’s feather or a dragonfly’s wing is extremely calming and relaxing.


Reading Before Bed

It’s always tempting to take my laptop to bed and keep working, or watch Netflix, or scroll through Pinterest while I fall asleep, but this is an awful habit that is very detrimental to sleep quality. So instead, on “me nights”, I make a point to read before bed. My current read is Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. Although I’m only a couple chapters in, it’s wonderful.


What are your “me night” activities?


3 thoughts on “My “Me-Night” Routine

      1. Fia Coldwell says:

        Ooh, I loved that one too! My favourite is The Undomestic Goddess! I’ve read all of her stand-alone’s, except for the one released yesterday… I can’t wait to read that one too though! You should read the others too; they’re amazing 🙂


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