Transfer Series: Transfer and Failure are not Synonymous

When I began to look into transferring, I went to Pinterest to research how to best go about this process and advice on when to do this. I found very little. There is so much information out there for college freshman, but next to nothing for transfer students. So today I’m bringing about my Transfer Series. This series will hopefully be helpful to anyone looking to transfer colleges so you aren’t as lost as I was.

The first post in the series is my reasons for transferring, yes it’s a bit more personal, but I want to share my reasoning. It’s a bit more for myself than anyone else, but here I am, sharing it with you.


One-third of college students transfer to a different college in their time at school. The automatic reason that a lot of people think that a person is transferring is failure. Whether this is failure in coursework, failure to be away from home, failure to live in a campus environment, some type of failure. This is not the reason to transfer for a lot of people. I wish there was less prejudice against those who decide to transfer. Now I’m not saying that any of these reasons aren’t valid to change schools, I’m just saying that a lot of people choose to leave their school for a lot of different reasons.

These are my reasons for deciding to leave my current university:

  1. Being away from family and friends, when everyone has friends and/or family on campus or very nearby.
  2. Along those lines, being an out-of-state student at a state school where just about everyone is in-state is so challenging. Campus is absolutely dead on the weekends because so many people go home.
  3. It. is. cold. I was born in California, and I’ve lived most of my life not in the Midwest. (There was a four year stretch where I did live in the Midwest, and the winters were brutal.) I’m not really built for or acclimated to the weather. This is not a big reason that I’m leaving, but I completely prefer being hot to freezing, especially when I have to walk over a half mile to some of my classes.
  4. I’m a city girl.Being in a tiny town, where there isn’t even a target, is a major challenge.
  5. I went to an academically challenging high school, where I took many AP classes. Coming to college, I was hoping to have a similar level of academic challenge, or harder. I worked hard in my first semester, and got over 100% in many of my classes. I could or should have had to work harder to get those grades. I am not complaining about my high GPA. I just wish that I would have had to work harder to get those types of grades.
  6. I don’t party. At all. No, I’m not boring (or judging)…I just chose to do different things with my Thursday through Saturday nights. Going to a party school is really boring when you don’t actually party and your coursework isn’t challenging enough to take up that time.
  7. The campus does not provide a lot of activities. I was told, when I was looking at a school in a small town, that the campus would be like its own city and I would never be bored. At my university, this was a lie. There is rarely anything to do on campus, and I am constantly wanting to get off campus just to do something.


But even with all of these reasons- I am not giving up.  I could explain myself to a million different people and there would still be those that would call what I’m doing “giving up.” I am not giving up. Some schools just aren’t the right fit for people, and sometimes it doesn’t have anything to do with any of the reasons I listed above. Sometimes, it’s simply not the right fit. My current university was my dream school, and I wanted to love it. I joined so many different groups, got involved in the on campus church, I did so much-it just wasn’t the right fit.

I refuse to be judged by strangers that barely know me, the second I say I’m transferring. I want this horrible stereotype that transfer students are failures to disappear. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, and if you are a transfer student or a prospective transfer student: Don’t let anyone tell you that you just needed to work a little harder and you would have loved your university. If you know a transfer student: please just support them, this is a stressful time, with a second round of college applications, having to find a new and better fit of a campus, having to worry about financial aid (you get a lot less when you aren’t applying as a freshman), worrying about hating your new college or university just as much or more as your current one and being terrified that you’re making the wrong decision. Please, just support them. They don’t need one more person telling them that they need to have just worked a bit harder to make their current university work.



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