Product Review: Oasis Crossbody Bag

Originally, I purchased this bag to get free shipping from ASOS ($40 minimum), however I’ve fallen in love with it. Admittedly, it was sort of an impulse purchase, and actually cost more than the item I was trying to get free shipping on…oops, BUT it ended up being so worth it, and is now my go-to bag.

The bag is a bit on the small side, but is perfect for a day in town or at the mall. Since it’s small, it remains far lighter than other, larger bags. If I use my larger bag, I always end up bringing a book with me and then have to lug around a heavy hardback book all day-exhausting. This bag limits that obligation, but still allows you to have everything you really need for the day. The strap is adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter depending on your height and whether or not you actually want it across your body or just on your shoulder. I keep it just on my shoulder because I prefer that look much more, but the strap could easily be lengthened if I decided to cross it over. Some shoulder bags like this have a hard time actually staying on your shoulder, but this one actually rests very nicely there.

For only 40 dollars, this bag was a total steal, has held up very well for not being real leather, and will continue to be my go-to bag. I can’t find the actual bag on ASOS or Oasis’s site, however, all of their products are high quality and I highly recommend checking them out!

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