Summer Room Tour

Recently, my family moved to Austin, Texas, and when I came home from school this year, I joined them. Austin is an amazing city that I absolutely adore, and I’m incredibly grateful to have this time in a new city and to spend with my family. Moving to Austin brought a new challenge-size. Because we live close to everything, we have a small, one-bedroom apartment with a “flex space.” I was given the flex space as my room for the summer. It’s a 9 ft by 9 ft square without a door, but it fits me perfectly. I decided to wing it on the decorating, and just try to make everything fit and work together. Here’s my “how-to” for a mini room.

(The images go in a counter-clockrise circle around my room)


The Entrance: There’s a short hallway leading into my room which allowed me to post a small, cute “do not disturb” sign on a drawer pull. It gives the entrance to my room a bit more personality than just a blank wall. Because I live in the flex space, I don’t have door. I could have chosen to do a screen for privacy, but instead I opted for sheer curtain as they help to keep the room feeling airy and open.

Dresser: Walking into my room, the first thing you see is my dresser, so as I was figuring out how to use the space on top, I knew that it would have to not be cluttered. I used the jewelry trays and boxes from my old house to decorate it and additional storage. Sometimes, too many small objects in a space can make it look cluttered, but using negative space helped to balance everything.


Bookshelf and Wall Hangings: My bookshelf usually ends up being a catch all in my room, holding everything that doesn’t really go anywhere else. However, since my room is so small, I had to reevaluate how I was using the space and am far more intentional with it. The top shelf holds some nick-nacks from various trips and has been intensely decluttered since it last had a place in my room. My photos all hang on a custom canvas, with canvases that I have painted above it. I could have chosen to put the canvases I did individually along the walls, but I wanted to keep them in a singular location so the walls would not seem too cluttered.


Bed: I decided to go simple for my bed and bed sheets, and I just love this floral Ikea bedding. I kept the floral and yellow themes going with the decorations above my bed. Next to my bed is my art cart/bedside table which holds all my art supplies and stationery. Using dual purpose items all throughout my small room is absolutely essential. I do have three books on my bedside table right now, which is a tad irksome because it feels a little cluttered, but I’m in the middle of all of them so I can’t really change it. (I’m trying to figure out how to link my GoodReads account to my blog so you can see what I’m reading if you’re interested)


Closet: Because my room is a “flex space” it doesn’t have a closet so I have to make do with this rack, and honestly it works so well. It perfectly holds all my clothes and serves doubly as a piece of room decoration with the bright colors. I keep all of my flats and wedges in the shoe rack on the right, and my heels and boots use the base of the rack as storage. It’s a compact solution and works perfectly with my small room.


Desk: The room tour ends here with my desk. I used my baseball caps as additional decoration for easy access and to ensure they don’t take up important storage space elsewhere. Above my desk is a shelf, my summer goals, and a habit tracker. The shelf carries Ikea lego-type boxes full of office supplies (such as sticky notes, paper clips, and extra pens and pencils) and my necklace collection. The shelf is high enough that it doesn’t interfere with the workspace, but not so high that I can’t reach it while I’m still sitting (especially helpful when I have a dog in my lap). My summer goals and habit tracker are next- they are perfect right above my desk because they help me remember to do the things that are on the lists. On my desk, I keep my gratitude journal, a lovely rosé smelling candle, a pencil cup, and my computer with a month appropriate background. Because the desk is on the smaller side, what is on it has to be very minimal so it doesn’t get too crowded to work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my room tour! I’ve definitely enjoyed writing this post because I’m genuinely so proud of my room. Have a great week!



(All opinions are my own and I am not sponsored by any of the companies tagged)

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