Product Review: Rifle Paper Co. 2017 Planner

Recently, I ordered a Rifle Paper Co. 17 month planner for 2017. Who orders a planner in the middle of the year? Probably no one but me. At the end of this past school year, I decided that my life really needed a calendar year planner, and not a August to July planner designed for school use. (It was a sad decision because it means that I’m becoming an adult, and my life no longer solely operates on a school schedule.) The upside to getting a planner in June that ends in December is that they are typically on sale. This discovery helped me to decide that I wanted to try a new style because a. I only have to use it for about 6 months, and b. I’m not wasting a ton of money if I decide I don’t like the new style. Before this planner, I’ve always had one where the front half can fold back. This one has the binding incorporated inside the shell so the front can’t fold out of the way.

I’ve used the planner for about two weeks now, and overall, I like it a lot. However, there are a couple things I would change about it. I like the way the weekly spreads are laid out with check boxes on each line, and two columns per day. Once the school year comes around, the left side will be used for school related things (such as assignments), and the right side will be used for social events and plans. I used this system for the last school year, and it worked so well. (I’ll probably do a more detailed post about my school organization later this year.)

The actual layout of the pages in the planner could be more effective. Although, in the past, I’ve rarely used the monthly planning pages, I appreciated them for looking at big picture plans like school breaks. In this planner, the monthly pages are at the front of the book, well before the weekly spreads that correlate. I won’t use the monthly spreads in this planner at all because I like to keep the sections prior to the current week within a binder clip.

The inability to flip back the first half is something that I thought wouldn’t bother me- but it really, really does. Having to have both sides out is simply inconvenient. It requires so much more space, and I write sort of oddly where I like the have the surface I’m writing on at an angle. Not being able to fold back the cover makes it fall over the side of my desk and unreasonably bothers me. On the other hand though, I appreciate that the binding is protected because when I put it in my backpack the spiral won’t get stuck and pull improperly. On the same note, I like how the planner is designed-smaller than the average notebook and very thick. It looks very nice, and I simply really appreciate that aspect of the design.

Overall, I would buy another Rifle Paper Co. planner again, but I would make sure to get one where the binding is not covered. Because although I appreciate the safety of the spiral and aesthetic, the inability to fold over the first half really bothers me.

Overall rating 7.5/10



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