HOW TO Beat the Heat When Shopping

Texas is hot. While I completely prefer being hot to being cold, shopping at an outdoor mall in the Texan nearly summer heat is not the most fun… Here are my tips for staying cool(er) even when it’s 100 degrees.

  1. Eat a Good Breakfast: The best way to begin any hot day is by eating a good breakfast. Eating a breakfast that fills you up is imperative to any day, but especially a day that you are spending outside in the heat.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Bring water. Being hot makes you dehydrated, and being dehydrated makes you wear out faster. Hence, drink water and shop longer.
  3. Go Inside: There are those stores that you walk right by every time you go to the mall and you never go inside. Go inside on a hot day! These stores are bound to be interesting and new, but even if they are not, you got out of the heat!
  4. Drink Iced Tea: Black iced tea will be your life saver on these hot shopping days. Milk will make you lethargic, so a nice iced black tea is perfect for you caffeine pick-me-up.
  5. Leave your Dogs at Home: Texas is a very dog friendly state, especially Austin, and especially The Domain. However, when it is nearing 100 degrees, it is unhealthy for your dogs to be out in it. Not only will it hurt their paws to walk on asphalt, dogs can’t sweat so they are very prone to overheating. Please leave your babies in your air-conditioned home.
  6. Dress for the Heat: Natural fabrics (ie: linen, cotton) are far superior to synthetics (ie: polyester) on a hot day outside. Make sure what you are wearing breathes well and will be comfortable to walk around in. Also make sure you are wearing shoes that are comfortable, easy to get off and on (for trying on clothes), and breathe well. Your feet swell when it gets hot as you are walking around.

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