Summer 2017 LookBook

Happy Summer! My last lookbook got so much positive feedback and I had so much fun making it, I thought I should do it again for Summer. Unfortunately, my favorite photographer and good friend is a couple thousand miles away, but my sister was able to take the photos, all credits go to her.

Look 1

Culottes! One of my favorite new trends is culottes. These pants are fun and breezy, making them perfect for sunny summer days. A bright pair can easily be matched with a plain tee or one with a simple pattern. For shoes, I like to pair these easy pants with Converse or sandals with a single ankle strap. I paired this look with my Oasis bag, which I reviewed here. (Zara)

Look 2

A maxi dress is perfect for a casual day in town or for nicer events. They can be so easily dressed up or down. This black maxi dress is incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on for an effortless look. This high neckline allows coverage for your chest when you accidentally forget to put on sunscreen. (Make sure to put on sunscreen everywhere!!) I paired this maxi dress with my white converse, but it could also be dressed up with heels or kept casual with sandals. (Nordstrom)


First off, I absolutely love this alley in Austin. It is the patio for a pub, and I felt like I was back in Europe. It was the perfect backdrop for this casual romper which has a fantastic European vibe. This playsuit is simple and lovely for even the hottest summer days. The fabric is lightweight, which allows this fitted style to still be breezy and comfortable. Like everything else in my summer wardrobe, I pair this look with my Converse.

This outfit is perfect for less sweltering summer days. The skirt is heavy and traps heat, so I don’t recommend it for the 115 degree days. Paired with some denim shorts, however, this top could work in hotter weather as well. The crisp light pink is my favorite color, and I think it goes well with any skin tone- I am very pale and it doesn’t just disappear into my skin. Again, I pair this look with my trusty Converse. (Top- Nordstrom Rack, Skirt- Topshop)


I hope y’all enjoyed this Summer Lookbook, and can potentially help you with some summer outfit inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy making these lookbooks, so keep your eye out for the Fall Lookbook coming up!

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